Toshiba Launches Photocouplers for Isolated Solid State Relays

Toshiba Electronic Components and Memory Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toshiba) has launched an optocoupler TLP3910 for isolated solid-state relays (SSR). This product has the characteristics of high output current (maximum 3A), low output saturation voltage drop (maximum 1.5V) and high withstand voltage (minimum 5000Vrms), and is suitable for SSRs that control AC loads. The TLP3910 employs Toshiba's unique bipolar phototransistor (BRT), which realizes high-efficiency photoelectric conversion. TLP3910 also has high temperature stability and high reliability, can work in the temperature range of -40°C to 110°C, and complies with UL1577 standard. TLP3910 can be used to replace mechanical relays or contactors to achieve switch control with no contact, no noise, no spark, low power consumption and long life.