Magnetic latching relays are widely used in many areas of our society today

Magnetic latching relays are bipolar devices. They are divided into two layers: the upper layer is an electromagnetic system, while the lower layer is a contact system. The electromagnetic system consists of a coil, armature, and a permanent magnet. The coils are connected to the armature by a U-shaped iron core. This assembly causes the armature to swing back and forth between two positions. The armature is then controlled by the magnetic field, which forces the assembly to deflect.
Latching relays are useful for controlling larger currents than standard relays. They also have positional memory, which means that when the current is removed, they will switch back to their default position. This is not true of standard relays, which will maintain their state only when actuated. A latching relay will also not switch back to its default position without a second pulse.
The magnetic latching relay has numerous uses in industrial applications. For example, it is often used in air conditioning units and refrigeration systems. It is also used in commercial coffee machines and automated meal preparation systems. It is also used in automatic car washes. There are also relays for automated carwashes and commercial coffee makers.
A magnetic latching relay can toggle one circuit on and off or switch power between two circuits. It works by utilizing a series of coils to generate a magnetic field. The coils expose a magnetic strip that is placed between the coils. A magnetic pulse in one direction pushes the switch in one direction, while an opposite magnetic pulse pushes it back into the other terminal.
Magnetic latching relays also offer the advantage of low power draw. This is especially useful in applications where there is no current flow. When the power is restored, the magnetic latching relay will hold the switch position and will not move if the current is interrupted. They are also less bulky than their mechanical counterparts and tend to have longer lifespans than their mechanical counterparts.
Magnetic latching relays are widely used in many areas of our society today. They are found in offices, communications, and in electric appliances. They are even used in aerospace. A magnetic latching relay can switch multiple circuits at once. This allows for faster switching and reduces electrical costs. The magnetic latching relay is highly versatile and efficient, which means that you can apply it in any industry.

90A Magnetic Latching Relay for overseas watches
90A switching capability
Very minimal power consumption from the coil
9mm creepage distance
4KV dielectrics strength coil to contact
In accordance with IEC62055-31:UC2
Outline dimensions:(36*30*16.5)mm
CE,CQC compliant
RoHS,UL compliant
Type: Magnetic Latching Relays
Theory: Electromagnetic Relay
Usage: Household Appliances Relay, General Purpose
Protective Characteristics: Sealed Relay
Action Principle: Electromagnetic Type
Protect Feature: Sealed