What is the function of low voltage switch

1. Low-voltage circuit breakers are mainly used in low-voltage circuits to protect electrical equipment from short circuits, or when the voltage is abnormal or the current is too high, the circuit breaker can avoid some dangerous accidents. 2. The low-voltage circuit breaker is very suitable for machine tool equipment, because it can play multiple protection functions. When the machine tool equipment is working, if the low-voltage circuit breaker is installed, it does not need to be started frequently to avoid damage to related equipment.
We all know that circuit breakers play a big role in our electricity use process and can effectively ensure the safety of our electricity use.
1. What is a low-voltage circuit breaker? A low-voltage circuit breaker is also called an automatic air switch or an automatic air circuit breaker. The low-voltage circuit breakers sold in the market can not only be switched manually, but also equipped with automatic switches. When a short circuit occurs in the circuit or the current is too high, it can automatically cut off the circuit and play a protective role in time.
3. There is an alarm contact in the low-voltage circuit breaker. When the circuit is overloaded or short-circuited, the alarm contact will sound or there will be an indicator light to remind people in time to avoid major accidents.
3. How to choose a suitable low-voltage circuit breaker There are many models of low-voltage circuit breakers on the market. For example, there is d, which is a miniature circuit breaker, and, including and so on. Different models have different scopes of application.
When we choose, we should decide what kind of circuit breaker to choose according to the current carrying capacity in the circuit. Don't choose the wrong one, otherwise the circuit breaker will not be able to play a protective role, but it will bring certain safety hazards to our electricity consumption.