A pioneer in developing the new energy market


The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that promoting green development and promoting the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Actively and steadily promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, based on my country's energy resource endowment, insist on establishing first and then destroying, plan and implement the carbon peaking action step by step, deeply promote the energy revolution, strengthen the clean and efficient use of coal, and accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system, Actively participate in the global governance of climate change.

In the context of practicing new development concepts and implementing the strategy of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking", the country's energy structure transformation has pressed the "accelerator key". China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Henan Co., Ltd. reacted quickly, took the lead in "energy storage", took the lead in breaking through the new energy power generation business in the field of clean energy, opened up new fields and took new steps in structural transformation and leapfrog development.

Move after hearing the wind, open up new markets

Shanxi and Inner Mongolia are areas rich in wind power resources in my country, especially Inner Mongolia, which has a vast territory and sparse population, is the best area for building large-scale wind farms. The company actively takes advantage of the brand advantages of central enterprises, effectively integrates resources, innovates marketing models, and gradually forms a mature operation model for new energy power generation projects in the process of market exploration. With differentiated competitive advantages, it successfully won the bid for 49.5 in Concord Zhalantun City, Inner Mongolia The MW wind power clean heating project has achieved essential breakthroughs in new markets and new business fields.

The project is located in Zhalantun City, Inner Mongolia, with a designed installed capacity of 49.5MW and a total of 12 wind turbines. A single wind turbine generates about 4,000 kWh per hour at full power, which can meet the electricity consumption of a family of four for a year. After all grid-connected power generation is expected to generate 154 million kilowatt-hours of electricity throughout the year, it can save 50,000 tons of standard coal and further serve the national "double carbon" strategy.

Both wind and rain, quality and ingenuity build the foundation

The nine-story platform starts from the pile of soil. How can a wind turbine tower of more than 100 meters "stand still"? It is very important to lay a good foundation for wind turbines. Since the project entered the site in October 2021, the fan foundation was poured for the first time in November. It encountered two major construction problems: large-scale pouring and extreme temperature. The total pouring square is 688 square meters, and the center thickness is 4.1 meters. The lowest temperature reached minus 15°C, and the transportation distance of concrete was 45 kilometers. Ensuring the transportation interval and satisfying the mold entry temperature are the most difficult points in construction. After countless investigations and discussions, the project built a steel frame on the foundation pit, and laid insulation cotton felt around the steel frame, and set up 6 stoves in the pit foundation, heating 24 hours a day. "Mongolia".

The pouring is completed, and the project construction has entered a new round of "highlight" - fan hoisting. However, how do the nearly 100-meter-long blades arrive at the construction site? At an altitude of nearly 100 meters, how to realize the precise combination of the blades and hubs of the "monster"? Nearly 100 meters of fan blades and a single-section tower of about 70 tons, the most difficult part of fan hoisting lies in the hoisting scheme of the blades, just like an aircraft docking with a space station, which is a "delicate job".

"It takes more than an hour from the project department to the hoisting operation point. We take turns to guard the site 24 hours a day, conduct wind detection and on-site evaluation in real time, and finally wait until the stable wind speed is lower than 8 m/s, and immediately start the hoisting operation." The project has always insisted on " Safety first, quality first", in order to find the best hoisting time, he often appeared at the construction site at 4:00 in the morning, gnawed down one "hard bone" after another, and "see the stitches" for hoisting during the windy rest window period, and finally Usher in the highlight moment when the tower and the impeller are precisely docked at a height of 100 meters.

Fengpeng is upholding and diligently seeking help for "double carbon"

At the beginning of dawn, the white "windmill" faces the sun rising in the wilderness, reflecting each other with the blue sky, painting a harmonious picture of green energy and nature blending. Behind the magnificent wind power landscape is the dedication of the project builders. The project is located in the great north, with five months of cold winter every year. It is rainy and humid. Camps are set up in the vast grasslands. The soil and water are not acclimatized, food delivery, heating facilities, water, electricity and gas. Extremely tricky. "Although we are more than 2,000 miles away from home and cannot go home to accompany our family, we feel great pride and pride in seeing the rapid progress of the project and being able to contribute a small amount to the motherland's ecological and environmental protection through our own construction!"

Serve the "Double Carbon" strategy and adhere to green development. Relying on the style of daring to do hard work and taking responsibility for hard work, the high-quality contract performance of the Zhalantun Wind Power Project has won high praise from the owners and the local government, and has driven China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Henan Company to undertake 11 clean energy projects. Giant white towers rise from the ground one after another, freezing countless moving "wind" scenes, and polishing the sharp knife of China Construction Fifth Bureau in the new energy market time and time again.