Double main contact epoxy encapsulated DC contactor

The new type discloses a dual-main-contact epoxy-encapsulated DC contactor, which includes a base shell, and the base shell is provided with mutually independent first and second contactor inner cavities, and a control circuit board with a plug-in piece; first, A single set of contactor components are assembled in the cavity of the two contactors, and are respectively encapsulated by epoxy; the lead-out wires of the contactor coils of the two packaged contactor components are welded to the control circuit board respectively, and passed through the control circuit board. The wiring on the circuit board is connected in parallel to the terminal of the connector; the upper end cover is fixed above the base shell to seal the packaged two sets of contactor components, and the main contacts and control lines of the two sets of contactor components The interface of the board connector exposes the upper end cover. The double main contact epoxy encapsulated DC contactor not only saves space during installation, the installation and connection of copper bars is accurate and convenient, but also the output signal of the system occupied by the control coil of the contactor is halved, which is very convenient. The development of the current charging pile and other industries.