What is the advantage of magnetic latching relays

A magnetic latching relay is an electromechanical switching device that uses the principle of magnetic attraction to switch between two stable states. It is commonly used in industrial control systems to switch electrical circuits on and off.
The relay has two stable states, which are referred to as the set and reset states. In the set state, the relay's contacts are closed, allowing current to flow through the circuit. In the reset state, the relay's contacts are open, cutting off the current flow. The relay is designed to maintain the current state even when the power is removed.
The operation of a magnetic latching relay is based on the principle of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet. The relay has two coils, one for each state. When a current is applied to the coil, it generates a magnetic field that attracts the armature of the relay toward the core, switching the contacts to the opposite state. Once the relay is switched, the magnetic field remains, and the relay maintains the new state.
Magnetic latching relays offer several advantages over conventional relays. They consume less power and generate less heat, making them more energy-efficient. They are also more reliable, as they do not require continuous power to maintain the current state. This makes them ideal for applications where power is intermittent or limited, such as battery-operated devices or remote sensors.
Another advantage of magnetic latching relays is that they are immune to contact bounce. Contact bounce is a phenomenon that occurs when the contacts of a relay or switch rapidly open and close, causing electrical noise and potential damage to the circuit. Magnetic latching relays use a bistable mechanism that eliminates contact bounce and ensures a stable and reliable switching operation.
Magnetic latching relays are commonly used in various applications, including power management, automation, and security systems. They can be found in household appliances, automotive systems, and medical equipment. They have also been used in communication systems and data processing applications, where high-speed switching and reliability are essential.

90A switching capability
Very minimal power consumption from the coil
9mm creepage distance
4KV dielectrics strength coil to contact
In accordance with IEC62055-31:UC2
Outline dimensions:(36*30*16.5)mm
CE, CQC compliant
RoHS, UL compliant