What do High Voltage Contactors do

High-voltage contactors are devices that can be used to control the voltage in electrical circuits. They come in different voltages and current capacities, and they can operate in a variety of frequencies. 
A high-voltage contactor has three main components: a coil, a core, and a driver. The coil generates the current that attracts the core, which then closes or opens contacts. The coil is similar for all vendors, and the driving current profile is generally divided into three phases. The first phase is called the pickup phase and should be large enough to close the contact.
High voltage contactors are also commonly used in hybrid and electric vehicles. These electrical devices have several characteristics that make them an excellent safety device. They are durable, able to withstand high voltages, and are resistant to shock and arc extinguishing. In addition to meeting these requirements, high voltage contactors must also be able to maintain their breaking capacity. For this reason, appropriate currents are applied to the coil. Several approaches have been proposed to drive high voltage contactors.
The contactors offer a variety of advantages, including their high switching efficiency and durability. They can be used as main contactors, pre-charge relays, and in test equipment. They are also available with anti-explosion features. These features make them a great choice for demanding industrial applications.

1. Small and lightweight:Internally adopt reliable sealing technology and filled with nitrogen which arc colling ability is high. It can cut off high voltage DC in a short time.
2. High contact reliability:Due to the contact sealed in the nitrogen, therefore it will be not oxidized, also achieving the contact of the dustproof and waterproof.
3. Safety and reliable:Use the professional explosion-proof structure design,to achieve a high degree of security,adopt magnetic quenching helps to cut-off the DC load quickly.
4. Application:DC charging pile, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, battery charging and discharging system,Photovoltaic power generation system such as dc high voltage