What are the general classification of automotive relays


What are the general classification of automotive relays

Large open type relay

Its size is 35.5*25.5*21, and the sealed type is open, so it is called a large-size open relay. This kind of relay has strong reliability, adapts to high and low temperature, and is suitable for headlamps, blowers, and demisters.

Small power plastic package relay

The maximum switching power of its contacts is only 150W, and it adopts a plastic package, which is a small power plastic package relay. It is characterized by strong corrosion resistance, low consumption, and is widely used in starting system circuit modules.

According to the difference in main functions, Automotive relay can be divided into the following types.

① Electrical switch type relay. For example, the fuel pump relay of the Santana 2000GSi car AJR engine is used to control the power supply of the electric fuel pump, air flow sensor, canister solenoid valve and oxygen sensor heater. 

②Direction control relay. For example, the relay of the electric seat system is used to control the current direction of the two-way motor. When the corresponding switch is manipulated to change the direction, the relay makes the motor rotate in different directions, so as to achieve the electric seat moving in different directions. purpose. 

③Integrated relay. For example, the integrated relay in the headlight system of Lexus LS400 car, its function is to perform the automatic turn-off of the headlights, fog lights and rear fog lights, and cut off the way to the light control according to the signal from the GAUGE fuse and door light switch The current of the switch. 

According to the control method: current type and voltage type

①The current type control relay is a relay that operates according to a certain current value; it forms a practical circuit with other components, such as a flash relay on a car. The larger the current, the higher the flash frequency.

②Voltage type relays are relays that operate according to a certain voltage value, that is, when the voltage of the controlled circuit is greater than or less than a certain value, the relay turns on or off the controlled circuit. Such as light relay, horn relay, etc.

In addition, automotive relays are divided according to multiple methods such as connection mode and protection mode. Users should consider specific application scenarios when selecting automotive relays, and then choose the most suitable relay.