15A Continuous Current Capacity ZX117 Automotive Relays

Main Features

15A continuous current capacity

6 different contact forms

Available with open,dust cover and sealed version

Automotive-oriented design


Typical automotive Applications

Flasher                                                      Automatic mirror adjustment                        Belt tension adjustment

Interval wiper control                            Air conditioning                                                Power window

Fuel pump control                                  Central door lock

Anti-theft alarm system                       ABS system

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  • Coil Data
    Coil Voltage Code Nominal Voltage Coil Resistance Must Operate Voltage max. Allowable Voltage Must Release Voltage min.
    1 Form A/B/C/U/V 1 Form W 1 Form B/V 1 Form A/C/U/W
    006 6 28 28 4.5 8 0.35 0.7
    012 12 12 130 9.0 16 0.70 1.4
    012 12 12 520 18.0 31 1.40 2.8
    Contact Data
    Material AgNi10; AgNi0.15; AgCdO; AgSnOlnO
    Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ, max. at 0.1A, 6VDC
    Contact Form 1 Form A 1 Form B 1Form C Z 1 Form U(SH) 1 Form V(SD) 1Form W(SZ)
    Max.Switching Current Make 60A 12A 60A 12A 2×40A 2×8A 2×30A 2×5A
    Break 20A 10A 20A 10A 2×20A 2×7A 2×15A 2×5A
    Max.Continuous Current 15A 10A 15A 10A 2×10A 2×7A 2×7A 2×5A
    Max.Switching Voltage Current dependent (See curve)
    Min.Load 0.1A/5VDC (AgNi0.15); 0.5A/5VDC (AgSnOlnO)
    Sevice Life Mechanical 1×107 ops
    Electrical 2×10 5 ops. See Note 4
    Operate/Release Time 3ms. typical/1.5ms. typical
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, at 500VDC, 50%RH
    Dielectric Strength 500Vrms, 1 min
    Shock Resistance 10g, 11ms
    Vibration Resistance Functional: NO: 20g, NC: 10g, 10-200Hz
    Ambient Temperature Operating:-40℃ to 85℃
    Storage:-40℃ to 125℃
    Weight Open: Approx 8g; Covered: Approx 12g
    Drop Resistance Drop Resistance 1M height drop on concrete
    Power Consumpution 1.1W
    Referencd Curve

  • Notes:

    1. All parameters,unless otherwise specified,are measured at ambient temperature 23℃.

    2. Maximun make current refers to inrush current of lamp load.

    3. At ambient temperature of 85℃,Maximum allowable voltage should be reduced to 72%.

    4. Electriacl life obtained at resistive or inductive load at 10A,15VDC for 1 form A/B/C/u/V,7A,15VDC for 1 form W,with suitable

    are-suppression circuit attached with operating frequency of 1 ops/sec.

    5. To exert optimun electrical life,please remove the knock-off nib of sealed version after cleaning process.

    6. Equivalence:Tyco mini Power K, P&B VKM