ZXEV062-250A 750VDC Ceramic High voltage direct current relay

1. Small and lightweight:Internally adopt reliable sealing technology and filled with nitrogen which arc colling ability is high. It can cut off high voltage DC in a short time.

2. High contact reliability:Due to the contact sealed in the nitrogen, therefore it will be not oxidized, also achieving the contact of the dustproof and waterproof.

3. Safety and reliable:Use the professional explosion-proof structure design,to achieve a high degree of security,adopt magnetic quenching helps to cut-off the DC load quickly.

4. Application:DC charging pile, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, battery charging and discharging system,Photovoltaic power generation system such as dc high voltage application.

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  • Contact Data
    Contact load(FLA) 250A/750VDC
    Contact form 1H
    Voltage drop 50mV Max @200A
    Limited of current 2000A 0.6秒
    Max switching current 2000A,320VDC(1次)
    Max switching voltage 1000VDC
    Max switching power 640KW
    Electric endurance 250A/450VDC-10000次(Resistive load)
    250A/750VDC-6000次(Resistive load)
    Mechanical endurance 2*105次
    Auxiliary switch No
    Performance Parameters
    Insulation resistance 1000M Ω(1000VDC)
    Dielectric strength Coil to contact 4000VAC 1 min
    Across open contact 3000VAC 1 min
    Operate time ≤30ms
    Release time ≤10ms
    Shock resistance functional
    196m/s² (20G above)
    Shock resistance destructive
    490m/s²(50G above)
    Ambient temperature
    Virbration resistance
    M6 External thread
    Unit weight
    Epoxy encapsulation
    Coil Data
    Coil resistance (Ω±10%)@23℃
    Nominal coil voltage Min operating voltage Release voltage Coil power consumption
    12VDC ≤9VDC ≥1VDC When connect34W(connect 0.1S),Maintain:4W
    24VDC ≤18VDC ≥2VDC When connect34W(connect 0.1S),Maintain:4W
    Referencd Curve

  • 1. When installing the relay, to prevent bad connection, please use the flat washer, spring washer and nut fastening, the external connecting plates need closed to the nearest relay terminal part, ensure good connection. Incorrect connection sequence may can cause severe fever and lead to wires to melt or burn.

    2. The relay terminal have polarity difference, please do it correct connection according to the surface + - on the relay. If the connection polarity is reversed, the electrical performance will be greatly decreased.

    3. The contact parameters of the ratings are impedance loading values, using inductive and capacitive load case, please take measures to absorb the surge, or it may cause electric life decline, and cut off the defect.

    4. Please avoid install near the strong magnetic field ( such as the transformer, the magnetic around) and near the heating element.

    5. It is forbidden to put the relay in more than using range temperature (-40℃~85℃) environment for a long time, otherwise easy to cause the plastic parts aging and impact product performance.

    6. Please avoid adhesion grease and other things on the terminal, please select a suitable connection wire, otherwise it may lead to the terminal abnormal heat, below data for reference:

    • ZXEV03-50A: Nominal cross-section 16mm² above
    • ZXEV02-100A: Nominal cross-section 40mm² above
    • ZXEV01-150A: Nominal cross-section 50mm² above
    • ZXEV01-200A: Nominal cross-section 60mm² above
    • ZXEV01-250A: Nominal cross-section 80mm² above
    • ZXEV01-300A: Nominal cross-section 100mm² above

    7. The screws locking torque control within range of the following rules, if exceed the range, the excessive torque may cause damage.

    (1)Terminals installed part of externally threaded

    • M5 Nut(ZXEV03-50A):2Nm~4Nm;
    • M6 Nut(ZXEV02-100A、ZXEV01-150A):3Nm~4Nm;
    • M8 Nut(ZXEV01-200A、ZXEV01-250A、ZXEV01-300A)6Nm~8Nm。

    (2)The terminals installed part of internally threaded

    • M4 Screw:3Nm~4Nm
    • M6 Screw:3Nm~4Nm