Waterproof Universal Power ZX527 Automotive Relays

Main Features

Double ZX520 relay in one housing

Ultraminiaturized structure,extremely light weight

Suitable for motor reversing applications


Typical automotive Applications

Power antenna                               Steering wheel power tilt

Power window                               Contral door lock

Interval wiper control                  Seat adjustment

Sunroof control                              Immobilizer

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  • Coil Data
    Model Coil Voltage Code Nominal Voltage Coil Resistance Power Consumpution Must Operate Voltage max. Allowable Voltage Must Release Voltage min.
    Standard 006 6 64 0.55 3.5 12 0.6
    010 10 181 5.7 20 1.0
    012 12 254 6.9 24 1.2
    D 006 6 45 0.8 3.5 10 0.6
    010 10 125 5.7 16 1.0
    Contact Data
    Material AgNi0.15; AgSnOlnO
    Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ, max. at 0.1A, 6VDC
    Contact Form 2 Form A 2 Form C
      NO NC
    Max.Switching Current Make 50A 25A
    Break 30A 25A
    Max.Continuous Current 30A 25A
    Max.Switching Voltage 16VDC
    Min.Load AgNi0.15:0.1A/12VDC; AgSnOlnO:0.5A/12VDC
    Sevice Life Mechanical 1×10 7 ops.
    Electrical 1×10 5 ops.


    Operate/Release Time 3ms. typical/1.5ms. typical
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, at 500VDC, 50%RH
    Dielectric Strength 500Vrms, 1 min
    Shock Resistance 30g, 6ms.
    Vibration Resistance 6g, 10-55Hz
    Ambient Temperature Operating:-40℃ to 105℃ Storage:-40℃ to 155℃
    Weight Approx 8g
    Drop Resistance Drop Resistance 1M height drop on concrete
  • Notes:

    1. All parameters,unless otherwise specified,are measured at ambient temperature 23℃.

    2. Maximun make current refers to inrush current of lamp load.

    3. At ambient temperature of 85℃,Maximum allowable voltage should be reduced to 72%.

    4. Electrical life obtained at resistive load at 20A,13.5VDC on NO contacts with operating frequency of 6 ops/min.

    5. To exert optimum electrical life,please remove the knock-off nib of sealde version after cleaning process.

    6. Equivalence:Tyco DMK