High-quality Car ZX185 30-80A Automotive Relays

Main Features

30A to 80A continuous cruuent

Automotive-oriented design

Fully standardizde QC size and layout

Plastic cover for rough environment protection


Typical automotive Applications

Fog lamp                                          Starter relay                                       ABS system

Signal horn                                      Radiator cooling fan                           Start bypass relay

Blower motor control                     Power window




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  • Coil Data

    Model Coil Voltage Code Nominal Voltage Coil Resistance Must Operate Voltage max. Allowable Voltage Must Release Voltage min.
    A 006 6 22 3.6 10.1 0.6
    B 012 12 90 7.2 20.5 1.2
    C 024 24 330 14.4 39.1 2.4
    F 006 6 15.6 3.6 6.4 0.6
    012 12 62.5 7.2 14.8 1.2
    024 24 250 14.4 28.8 2.4

    Contact Data

    Contact Form   Load level code 1 From A(1H,1HJ) 1 Form Z(1Z)
    Max.Switching Current Make A,B,F 120A NO120A/NC45A
    C 240A NO240A/NC180A
    Break A 40A NO40A/NC30A
    B,F 60A NO60A/NC40A
    C 80A NO80A/NC60A
    Contact Material   A AgNi10
      B AgCdO
      C,F AgSnOlnO
    Initial Contact Resistance   A,B,C,F 100mΩ,max. at 0.1A, 6VDC
    Max.Continuous Current   A 40A NO40A/NC30A
      B 60A NO60A/NC40A
      C 80A NO80A/NC60A
      F 60A NO60A/NC40A
    Max.Switching Voltage   A,B See Curve1, Current dependent
      C See Curve2, Current dependent
      F 24VDC
    Min.Load   A 0.1A/12VDC
      B,C 0.5A/12VDC
      F 0.5A/24VDC
    Sevice Life Mechanical A,B,C 1×10 7 ops.
    F 5×10 5 ops.
    Electrical A,B,C 1×10 5 ops. See Note 4
    F 1×10 5 ops.(NC20A/NO40A),5×10 4 ops.(NC40A/NO60A)


    Operate/Release Time 7ms. typical/2ms. typical
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, at 500VDC, 50%RH
    Dielectric Strength 500Vrms, 1 min
    Shock Resistance 20g, 11ms
    Vibration Resistance 10-40Hz (DA)1.27mm,40-70Hz:5g
    Ambient Temperature Operating:-40℃ to 125℃ Storage:-40℃ to 155℃
    Power Consumption 1.6W,unsuppressed;1.8W with resistor(A,B,C)2.3W(F)W
    Weight Approx 40g
    Drop Resistance Drop Resistance 1M height drop on concrete