80A 250VAC Switching Capability Magnetic Latching Relay

  • 80A switching capability
    Very minimal power consumption from the coil
    Leading-out terminal connection mode
    4KV dielectrics strength coil to contact
    To short-circuit current accordance with IEC62055-31:UC2
    Outline dimensions:(31*39*17)mm
    CE,CQC compliant
    RoHS,UL compliant

Type: Magnetic Latching Relays
Theory: Electromagnetic Relay
Usage: Household Appliances Relay, General Purpose
Protective Characteristics: Sealed Relay
Action Principle: Electromagnetic Type
Protect Feature: Sealed
Contact Load: Low Power/Intermediate Power
Trademark: Zhongxin
Origin: Zhejiang, China
Rated Load: 80A 250VAC

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  • Contact Data
    Rated load(FLA)
    Contact form
    1A & 1B
    Contact material
    Initial contact resistance
    Max.switching current
    Max.switching voltage
    Max.switching power
    Electical endurance
    Mechanical endurance


    Coil Powera
    Coil type Pulse duration Power consumption
    Single Min.50ms 1.0W
    Dual Min.50ms 2.0W
    Insulation resistance 1,000MΩ(at 500VDC)
    Dielectric strength  
    Coil to contact 4,000VAC 1 min
    Across open contact 1,800VAC 1 min
    Operate time Max.20ms
    Release time Max.20ms
    Shoock resistance functional 100m/s²(10g)
    Shoock resistance destructive 1000m/s²(100g)
    Ambient temperature -40 ~ 70℃
    Humidity 98%RH,+40℃
    Vibration resistance 10-55HZ,1.5mm(DA)
    Termination Hard Link
    Unit weight 60g
    Construction Dust protected
    Coil Data
    Nominal coil voltage Min.operating voltage Max.operating voltage Coil Resistance (Ω±10%)@23℃
    Single coil resistance Dual coil resistance
    6Vdc 4.5Vdc 12Vdc 36Ω 2x18Ω
    9Vdc 6.3Vdc 18Vdc 75Ω 2x37.5Ω
    12Vdc 8.4Vdc 24Vdc 145Ω 2x72.5Ω
    24Vdc 16.8Vdc 48Vdc 576Ω 2x288Ω
    Order Information
    Terminal Type See drawing
    Custom design
    Coil Type Single coil latching
    Dual coil latching
    Coil Voltage 6,9,12,24Vdc
    Coil Polarity Positive

    ◆Mainly used for IC-card-prepayment based electric energy meters,
    Model 485 meters with the break & make function used in centralized
    meter reading system;
    ◆It might also be used for combination switches of electiric power factor
    compensationswitch-capacitor,home appliances and automatic control devices;


    Note:when requiring other nominal voltage,special order allowed.

  • With Shunt Dimensional (mm)

    With Inductor (mm)

    With Shunt Darwings

    With Inductor Darwings


  • 1、All relays are shipped in the “closed”position.It is possible that during transit or final assembly the relay could change its state to the “open”position.
    Therefore,it is recommended that all relays be set to the desired state of the relay via a power supply.
    2、In order to maintain an “open” or “closed” state of the relay,the coil voltage should reach the rated voltage. The pulse width should be 5 times the
    operating time to ensure a proper change of state.Do not energize both T1 and T2 at the same time on a dual coil or energize the coil for longer than 1 minute
    (damage to the coil could incur).
    3、Relays have polarity,if the user’s need different from information,shoud be contact us.
    4、The relay to the factory inspection and use should handle to prevent damage effect,to the factory for damaging the goods shoud be strict distinction between
    the normal product and must not uses.