Heavy Motor Load Switching ZX508 Automotive Relays

Main Features

2 independent relays(ZX181) in one housing

Subminiaturized structure,light weight

Improved contact capacity

Big gap type available for heavy motor load switching


Typical automotive Applications 

Power antenna                              Sunroof control                             Seat adjustment

Power window                              Tilt lock wheel

Interval wiper control                 Central door lock

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  • Coil Data
    Coil Voltage Code Nominal Voltage Coil Resistance Must Operate Voltage max. Must Release Voltage min.
    (0.6W)Standard (0.8W)Big Gap
    006 6 60 45 3.6 0.6
    009 9 135 100 5.4 0.9
    012 12 240 180 7.3 1.2
    024 24 960 720 14.4 2.4
    Contact Data
    Material AgNi0.15; AgSnOlnO; AgCdO; AgNi10
    Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ, max. at 0.1A, 6VDC
    Contact Form 2 Form C
    Max.Continuous Current Make 60A
    Break 20A
    Max.Continuous Current 35A/10min; 25A/1Hr
    Max.Switching Voltage 16VDC
    Min.Load AgNi0.15:0.1A/5VDC; AgSnOlnO:0.5A/5VDC
    Sevice Life Mechanical 1×10 7 ops.
    Electrical 1×105 ops. See Note 3


    Operate/Release Time 10ms. typical/5ms. typical
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, at 500VDC, 50%RH
    Dielectric Strength 500Vrms, 1 min
    Shock Resistance 10g, 11ms.
    Vibration Resistance DA1.5mm, 10-55Hz
    Ambient Temperature Operating:-30℃ to 85℃ Storage:-40℃ to 100℃
    Weight Approx 13g
    Drop Resistance Drop Resistance 1M height drop on concrete
  • Referencd Curve

    Overall Dimensions, Mounting Holes(Bottom View), Wiring Diagrams

  • Notes:

    1.All parameters,unless otherwise specified,are measured at ambient temperature 23℃.

    2.Maximun make current refers to inrush current of lamp load.

    3.Electrical life obtained at motor load of locked rotor at 25A,13.5VDC with operating of 6 ops/min.

    4.Equivalence:Fujitsu FBR510-520

Zhejiang Zhongxin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is well-known China Heavy Motor Load Switching ZX508 Automotive Relays suppliers and custom Heavy Motor Load Switching ZX508 Automotive Relays factory, established in February 2016 after the Haiyan Zhongxin Electronics Co., Ltd.'s stock reform, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of high-voltage DC relays for new energy, automotive relays, magnetic holding relays, Heavy Motor Load Switching ZX508 Automotive Relays and other products. It has more than 350 skilled employees, more than 50 highly educated technical R & D and management staff, more than 50 kinds of products and 1,000 models, and an annual production capacity of more than 50 million. Products are widely used in high-voltage DC and low-voltage AC and DC applications such as automobiles, DC charging piles, photovoltaic power generation, rail transit, energy measurement, reactive power compensation, energy storage equipment, and household appliances. The company is located at No. 339 Jixing Road, Wanghai Street, Haiyan County, and is located in the central area of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Suzhou in an hour.
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