What is LB-7 latching relay and what are its characteristics


What is LB-7 latching relay and what are its characteristics

LB-7 static blocking relay is an electrical control device, which is used to block the relay protection when the AC voltage circuit breaks and may cause the relay protection to malfunction, and act on the neutral point indirectly grounded system. LED lights respectively indicate whether phases A, B, and C are live or missing phases. The phase voltages of phases A, B, and C can be detected for phase failure. When a phase failure occurs, the relay starts to lock.


The LB-7 static latching relay is an upgrade on the basis of the traditional electromagnetic relay. It is mainly suitable for the secondary side of the voltage transformer (PT) on the high-voltage bus in power plants and latching relay manufacturers, Low Power Three Phase 80A Magnetic Latching Relay to prevent the staff from accidentally closing the grounding switch when the high-voltage bus is used. The installation of LB-7 latching relay can prevent such safety problems from occurring.


1. The LB-7 latching relay has three separate LED lights to indicate whether the A, B, and C phases are energized or missing, and has an independent latching light display;

2. The traditional electromagnetic type is upgraded to an electronic static relay. The hardware of LB-7 is safer and more reliable. After the upgrade, the wiring method is basically the same as the traditional electromagnetic latching relay;

3. With MCU sampling control, with independent judgment;

4. The LB-7 latching relay adopts guide rail installation, and the shell has the advantages of small size and beautiful appearance, and it meets the European regulations;

5. Strong anti-interference ability, EMC (surge, pulse group, static electricity) and other tests can pass level 4;

6. It can operate reliably under the ambient temperature of -40℃~70℃.