How to replace the ABS car relay in the car


1. The ABS automotive relay in the car is integrated in the ABS control unit. If the entire ABS control unit is replaced due to the open circuit of the automotive relay, it is completely unnecessary. We can substitute the relay on the old anti-theft device.

2. The relay in the car window regulator control module can replace the relay in the car air-conditioning compressor control module. This can avoid replacing the control module assembly of the expensive car air-conditioning compressor.

3. Check the part number when replacing the relay. If the part number engine control relay is used to replace the wrong one, it will cause a set of contacts in the relay to be closed frequently and discharge by itself when the vehicle is static, which will easily damage the engine ECU and shorten the service life of the battery.

4. Relays in German cars are often interchangeable. After observation, the appearance of this relay is very similar to the No. 53 relay on the car, and the resistance is measured. The reason is that many electrical equipment of German cars are supplied by German companies. As far as the relay is concerned, as long as the pins are the same and the resistance is the same, it can generally be used.